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Pinnacle Plus

In-home, nurse-assisted program designed to help people overcome challenges managing their medications.

What is Pinnacle Plus?

Pinnacle Plus is a program where a nurse who is employed by Pinnacle Pharmacy visits a client in their home, every day, with their medications for that day.

In addition to ensuring the client has their correct medication for the day, Pinnacle Plus also includes:

  • An individualized care plan and wellness check
  • Monitoring levels of blood pressure, blood glucose, etc. depending on the needs of the client
  • Administering medication, including oral medications, insulin injections, other injections (testosterone, B12, etc), patch application, and medicated creams

As a small team offering personalized care, we consistently have the same nurses to ensure our clients build a trusting relationship with their Pinnacle Plus caregiver.

Who is a good fit for Pinnacle Plus?

Pinnacle Plus was designed to help people overcome their challenges managing their medications.

Pinnacle Plus may be a good fit for those who:

  • Feel overwhelmed with too many medications
  • Have trouble following complicated dosing regimens
  • Have dexterity issues that might make it difficult to open medication packages or administer insulin injections
  • Have cognitive/memory issues that could lead to accidentally forgetting medications, or accidentally taking extra doses due to forgetting that it has already been taken

Are there other benefits to Pinnacle Plus?

Absolutely! In addition to ensuring the client’s medications are cared for, the Pinnacle Plus program provides:

  • Socialization and relief from isolation for the client
  • Peace of mind for family members
  • Fewer responsibilities from friends and family members, allowing them to get back to enjoying their time with loved ones
  • Reduced hospitalizations (approximately 35% of hospital admissions are due to accidental medication administration errors!)
  • Better overall health management, as the nursing and pharmacy notes are shared with the client’s physician on a regular basis

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