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You’re so much more than just a prescription

At Pinnacle you’ll build a personal connection with your pharmacist, so together we can build a stronger, healthier community

Located in Longwood Station, Nanaimo BC

  • pinnacleplus

    Pinnacle Plus

    Pinnacle Plus is an in-home, nurse-assisted program designed to help people overcome challenges managing their medications.
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  • leaflet

    Medication Reviews

    Comprehensive, thorough, and beneficial review and education about prescribed medication.
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  • glucometer

    Diabetes Care

    Specialized planning and management services designed for individuals with diabetes.
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  • bloodpressure

    Blood Pressure Monitoring

    Personalized blood pressure monitoring with clinical grade blood pressure cuff.
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  • vaccine

    Immu­nization & Injections

    Vaccine and prescription medication administration.
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  • medical

    Blister Packaging

    This free service makes it easy to take the right medication, in the correct dosage, at the right time.
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  • compressionstockings

    Compression Stocking Fittings

    In-store compression stocking consultation and fitting with a certified compression stocking fitter.
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  • rx

    Prescription Writing

    Pinnacle Pharmacy can now write prescriptions for 26 minor ailments and contraception.
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Who is Pinnacle For?

Helping people at every stage of their journey.



For those who need temporary medications



For those who take medication regularly



For the loved ones taking care of others



For the professional caregivers

Pinnacle Pharmacy Promise

We believe a patient-first approach to pharmacy is the only approach.

Pinnacle Pharmacy is devoted to providing exceptional pharmacy services and delivering the highest quality of patient-centred care.

Offer a Superior Experience

We are committed to offering a superior experience for prescribers, patients, families, and caregivers that will optimize patient health outcomes and improve quality of life.

Provide Care In All Settings

We will provide caring, professional services across all settings, in the pharmacy and in the patient’s home.

Build an Environment of Excellence

We are dedicated to fostering an environment that encourages excellence, honesty, integrity, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Pinnacle In the News!

Nanaimo News Now recently did an excellent article about Pinnacle Pharmacy and the Pinnacle Plus program. If you’d like to learn more about us we recommend reading the profile by clicking the link below.

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Meet Our Team

Deryn Edgett Registered Pharmacist & Certified Diabetes Educator

As the owner of Pinnacle Pharmacy I am excited to bring over 14 years of experience to Nanaimo's patients, prescribers, families, and caregivers. Get in touch by phone or stop by our pharmacy in Longwood Station. I look forward to getting to know you!

  • Angela Dhillon, LPN

    Angela has been working at Pinnacle since it opened in January 2023, providing independence and decreased stress to our patients and their families.
  • Karina Zambon, LPN

    Karina as been LPN since 2006, and is passionate about helping people live their best life and to their highest potential.
  • Stephanie Anglin, LPN

    An LPN since 2014, Stephanie's personal journey has shaped her into the compassionate practitioner she is today.

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